Do You Really Need a Guide For WoW Dailies?

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I consider myself to be a relative expert of almost all things to do with World of Warcraft.  That’s why, when I saw this new dailies and events guide, I was pretty surprised.  I mean, I can understand a few people maybe wanting a WoW Dailies guide to help them, but the guide seemed very popular.

That got me thinking a bit.  At first I thought, I’ve been playing WoW since it was in beta, so I know almost everything there is to know about dailies and events – but what about newer players, or players who just aren’t as hardcore as me?  After a while, I was just too curious to stand it anymore.

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So, after deciding to just give Zygor’s Dailies & Events Guide a shot (I wasn’t expecting much at all), I was in for a rather big surprise.  I was completing dailies faster than I ever had before – and I’m an expert!  Once I picked up my trampled ego off the floor, I was pretty impressed.  I mean, I was doing things in only a few minutes what used to take me an hour, or more, to complete.

Now, I’m the proud owner of full heirloom item sets for all classes and I got my Crusader title faster than I thought was possible.  All in all, I use Zygor’s guide every day, and if you are looking to do dailies and get heirloom items and your Crusader title really fast, this guide is not a bad investment.
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Zygor Guides V Ultimate WoW?

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I have both of these guides at them moment i have a level 56 paladin and want to level the quickest to 80
which one is better? and which should i choose

Probably zygor would be your best bet. Both would probably work so it comes down to which one you like the best.

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World Of Warcraft Secret Gold Guide easy 600 Gold an Hour

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World of warcraft Gold Guide, wow guide, Warcraft Leveling Guide.

Best Gold, Leveling and PVP – World of warcraft guide for Horde and Alliance
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Joana’s Horde Leveling Guide Review for World of Warcraft

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It is not so easy to search out a quality World of Warcraft horde leveling guide. It is due to the prevalency of the alliance, many gamers do not play the horde as often. This is the reason why the horde guides will be less widespread. If you have done any sort of research on the web for one, you possibly mention the same one popping up repeatedly.

Joana’s Horde Leveling guide is the the only one that seems to be dominating the internet presently. The reason is that it is the only guide available, or is it actually that effective? Joana managed to achieve the fastest times leveling on many servers. By now there has been little competition published on the internet.

Well, being a World of Warcraft gamer and wanting to level my undead {character, I finally searched out and got Joana’s Horde leveling guide. There is no need to point out, it is a very well put together guide with excellent videos. You see the added advantages of this guide is that you actually get to see how Joana levels from one to eighty in record time. This of course takes substentional time to watch so if you choose this method, be prepared.

As a Horde leveling guide it is solid. Joana has put together many effective leveling strategies that has helped many players in leveling Horde characters. The guide itself is broken down into many races so that depending on the type of character you are going to play, you have a good instruction template.


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World of Warcraft Guides?

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Ok so, ive been playing WoW i had a level 69 undead mage but i deleted him about 4 months ago, i was trying to leave the game lol, because its so dam addictive and because i had college work to conentrate on, now that my college studies are over im free for most of the holiday and id like to start playing again.

The thing is, i dont want to spend hours everyday playing, i just want a high level character and enough gold to buy what i want.

So i thought about the wow guides that pro gamers create and sell on the net…

Anyway, my question is this. If you play WoW have you ever bought a guide and was it worth it? I dont want to spend money on something thats old and outdated and tells me what i already know….

Ive heard about Zygor, Team iDemise, Brian Kopp or whatever his name is but one thing is gettin to me… how the hell did Zygor and Team iDemise manage to make their guides in game?!

They got some sort of in game software they use… anyone know what it is??

And also what guide would u recommend if you’ve bought a guide before, any guide, whether leveling, gold, profession, pvp etc.

Im curious to know, thank you.

There are a lot of guides on the net, all of which you will have to pay for. The best comes down to either Joana’s guide, or Zygor’s. Joana’s is a much better guide, but Zygor’s in-game element automatically progresses.

The in-game element to each of the guide is just a window that tells you where to go, who to talk to, and what to do. It is just like any other addon, and actually both Joana and Zygor’s guides work with Cartographer (another addon) and will show you the waypoint for the step you are currently on.

Using a guide will not forgo the hours you will need to play to level, and they will not enable you to get "gold for everything you want". All of the guides just show you the most efficient way to level, and you follow what they say. You will still need to sit at the computer and go through the motions.

As far as gold, professions, pvp guides go you can find those free on the internet. All of the gold guides you can buy are quite useless – being severely outdated, or based on a server-to-server basis. There are free guides you can find on google that show you the best and fastest way to level your professions, but its not advisable to do this until level 80 anyway.

It is not actually worth it to buy a guide, shelling out $40 for something that you can otherwise do quite alright at is a waste.

So, sorry, but either way you look at it your spending hours a day leveling. Even with a guide it takes about a month of semi-causal play to get a level 80 character.

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Ultimate World of Warcraft Guide

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Ultimate World of WarCraft Guide Reveals Complete Package of Leveling Guide, 200g+/hour Gold Guide and More! So You Never Have to Buy Gold Again!

Our World of Warcraft Guide includes both Horde and Alliance Power T Leveling guides, 200g+/hour Gold Guide, Profession Guide, Beginners Guide, Class Talent / Gear Guide, Macro Guide — All For The Price of One!

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Zygor Guide World Of Warcraft?

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I’m Thinking about getting zygor guide, im just wondering does it tell what to buy, like weapons, armor, what spells or attacks to learn, and if it tells you what reward to pick for completeing quests.

dude, if your gonna get a guide I would recommend Joanas guide for horde (uses an ingame mod just like zygor but 100 times better) and if your alliance I would go with Brian Kopps guide. These are the 2 main guides out and they will tell you exactly where to level, what talents to use for all classes, and alot of other stuff it is well worth it, you can get them cheap on my site below.

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Warcraft Millionaire Gold Guide Exposed – Updated Detailed preview

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Update! takes a detailed look inside Brad’s Warcraft Millionaire Gold Guide package for the World of Warcraft and exposes the truth. For more WoW guide reviews visit

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World of Warcraft Guides

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Internet gaming has got faster and more aggressive today than before. With a plethora of levels and complexities, today’s gaming world is also creating a flurry of competition among its participants the world over.

The World of Warcraft is such a game that has multiple levels of gameplay and is filled with clever strategies and amazing action. These action-packed levels are so addictive and larger than life, that one gets drawn to the game, forgetting everything else around.

The nature of World of Warcraft is so highly complicated and it’s levels, so tough to crack, that you need a guide to let you know where you are going with each step. The World of Warcraft Guides are meant precisely for that purpose.

World of Warcraft Guides give you step-by-step instructions to tackle each and every level. Many times, you are even taught to effortlessly fly through tough levels, without having to face them, thereby reducing the time taken for gameplay.

Professional gaming champions and expert gamers come to know certain secrets involved with dealing with the grinding levels, leveling strategies, techniques involved in finding and questing through rivers and so on.

Because this helps reduce the amount of time and reduces the stress during gameplay, professional gamers release periodic World of Warcraft Guides. The latest version of the World of Warcraft Guide is a level 1-70 Horde Leveling Guide.

The World of Warcraft Guide on Burning Crusade shows the player some of the easiest ways to proceed through otherwise uncrackable levels. The guide also provides maps of areas in hitherto unknown levels and helps even new players navigate through them easily.

World of Warcraft Guides also gives information about where and how to invest Warcraft gold and how it will help them in the future course of the game.

New Class Guides provide useful hints on many strategies and tactics, teaching the player to gain a complete mastery over those levels.

The Burning Crusade Guide offers solutions on how to optimize the available time on questing and grinding, how to develop crafting skills and also explains in detail about alliances and instances.

The Outland Guide supplies the full details about instances, the number of bosses in the level and how to tackle them in order to reach the next level.

World of Warcraft Burning Crusade Guide also advices you on the use of spells which will set you apart from the rest of the players in your team.

The main aim of playing any game is to win against one’s competitors. The World of Warcraft Guide will help you to perform beautifully throughout the game and win against all of your competitors, thereby, creating a formidable name and reputation for yourself.

The World of Warcraft Guide not only offers advice for levels 1-70, it also extends some other special benefits to the user as well.

Once the World of Warcraft Guide has been purchased, you will get notified of all the most recent updates in the future, which you can download for free. Doing this will always keep you most informed about the latest developments in the game and also well ahead of the crowd!

Corie Cornwell

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Best WoW Leveling Guide To Buy?

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also the guide im looking for, like Zygor, has to be an in game guide so i dont have to cpu hop or look at a book ect.
i dont play wow very much only about 2-4 hours a day after my job and more hours on saturdays and i want to know the best wow gold and leveling guides.
i heard Zygor was the best but i want to here it from the majority of the public.

never ever BUY a guide. everything you could possibly need to know about WoW is already out there for free.

just download the quest helper addon, and the atlas loot addon and you will be set for life

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